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The Criminal Appeals Section represents the State in all appeals before all state and federal appellate courts in all non-death penalty criminal matters. The section receives between 1,800 and 2,000 new cases each year. 

Services this Section Provides

The section lawyers fully understand the critical roles of law enforcement officers, district attorneys, and trial judges in enforcing the criminal laws; accordingly, the attorneys in the section consult closely with trial judges, district attorneys, and law enforcement officers to help ensure that trials, prosecutions, and investigations are conducted in accordance with the latest developments in criminal law.   Each issue in an appeal is carefully researched, precise arguments are prepared, and a brief, on behalf of the State and the victim, is submitted for the appellate court’s review in each case to ensure that just and valid convictions are not compromised. If a conviction is reversed, the section lawyers pursue all reasonable grounds to have that decision overturned by a higher court so that victims will not be subjected to another trial.

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Office of Alabama Attorney General
Criminal Appeals Section
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